Business Contents

This covers your business contentsLandlord’s fixtures and fittings, office contents including electronic equipment and computers, stock, raw materials, work in progress, machinery and equipment. Cover also includes Theft and Accidental Damage up to the amount chosen and you may also choose to take cover for Money, Fidelity Guarantee or glass (not part of stock). against damage and lossCaused by fire, lightning, explosion, water, wind, storm, hail, snow, earthquake, impact or malicious damage.. It’s the type of insurance you need to protect the general items that your business owns – including office contents, electronic equipment and computers, stock and machinery.

You get plenty of automatic additional benefits, at no extra cost to you, to cover smaller kinds of associated losses and expenses that you may incur.


We will pay to have your data recovered if your computer is accidentally lost or damaged.


You’ll get all of this automatic additional cover:

  • Contents belonging to owners or employees in your building
  • Cover for legal liability for documents damaged or stolen
  • Cover for locks or keys damaged or stolen
  • Temporary repairs and measures after a claim cause
  • Cost of putting out fire on your premises
  • Damage caused by a power surge
  • Reinstatement of data or programmes on your computer
  • Replacing programmes not compatible with the replacement computer
  • Cost of your auditor preparing your claim

For a minimal extra monthly premium you can  extend your cover* Damage caused by the leakage of firefighting equipment * Theft of money * Theft by an employee extension (Fidelity Guarantee) * Damage to glass that is not part of your stock extension. to ensure that you’re protected against specific types of theft and accidental damage.

Please note: you must first take a Business Contents policy in order to take out any other of our policies.

Here’s a handy List of Terms we use in Business Contents, with their explanations.

All cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions as stated in the Policy Wording, which you can read here.

You can read the General Section and General provisions here

Please always refer to your policy wording as the final and definitive document that specifies the details of your cover, including what is not covered.


Accidental damage

Accidental physical loss of or damage to the contents in the buildings on the premises noted in your declaration that are not otherwise insured or for which insurance is available whether you have chosen to take that insurance or not.


Contents include landlord’s fixtures and fittings, office contents including electronic equipment and computers, stock, raw materials, work in progress, machinery and equipment, money, and glass (not part of stock) that are on the premises at the address declared by you. The contents must be owned by your business.

Contents exclude any motor vehicles, aircraft or watercraft or any jewellery or precious stones or animals, plants or crops.


Films, tapes, addressograph plates, books, records, maps, plans, drawings, abstracts, deeds, wills, mortgages, agreements, manuscripts, letters, certificates, documents and similar written, printed or otherwise inscribed papers and documents used by the insured in the business and owned by them or for which they are responsible excluding money, current postage or revenue stamps, cancelled and un-cancelled coupons, securities, bearer bonds, cheques, drafts and any written order to pay a sum certain in money and any written evidence of indebtedness or obligation and all property carried or held as samples or for sale or for delivery after sale and computer software and computer data carrying media unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

Electronic equipment

Computers and all related hardware, peripherals and computer software, and the information or data stored therein or thereon.


Cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal orders, money orders, current negotiable postage, revenue and holiday stamps, credit card vouchers and documents, certificates or other instruments of a negotiable nature, the property of the insured or for which they are responsible.


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