Personal Liability

We cover you against damageAccidental loss of or physical damage to tangible property other than property belonging to you, held in trust by you or in your custody or control. to property that is not yours, which is in your possession. You will also be covered if you injureAccidental death, bodily injury to, or illness of, any person who is not a member of your household or employed by you. someone and are found by a court to be legally liable for it.

This extensive policy ensures that you will be compensated for damages that you are legally liable to pay after injuring someone or damaging their property. It includes liability protection for you due to damage or injury caused by third parties while on your premises.

We increase the value of your buildings (sum insured) every 12 months.

You’ll also get all of this automatic additional cover:

  • Homeowner’s liability for injury or damage that happens on your premises.
  • Tenant’s liability for damage you cause to a building that you rent.
  • Your legal liability to domestic helpers as a result of injury happening while they are working on the premises
  • Your wrongful arrest
  • Identity Theft cover
  • Theft of debit or credit cards
  • Golfer’s hole-in-one
  • Bowler’s full house

Please note: you cannot take out a Personal Liability policy unless you have first taken our Household Contents cover.

All cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions as stated in the Policy Wording, which you can read here.

You can read the General Section and General provisions here

Please always refer to your policy wording as the final and definitive document that specifies the details of your cover, including what is not covered.


Our range of products will meet all your personal insurance requirements. You can also combine the products to get more inclusive cover for every aspect of your life.

Applying for cover is a streamlined, efficient process with the Infiniti Online system.


We have designed insurance products to cover all aspects of your business operations and risk.

No matter the size of your business, you’ll be able to get the specific insurance cover you need to protect you against loss and ensure that your business continues operating even when the unexpected occurs.


Our motor insurance packages are designed to keep you on the road as simply and efficiently as possible. We offer insurance on all vehicles, covering personal and business use.

From accident insurance to third-party cover – it’s all easily available to you, right here, online.

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