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This insurance protects your motor vehiclea) motor cars, light delivery vehicles (bakkies), 4X4 vehicles, 2X4 vehicles, microbuses and similar motor vehicles with a gross motor vehicle mass of 3500 kg or less and with seating for at the most 12 people including the driver. b) motorbikes, scooters, golf carts, quad bikes or three wheel motorised bikes c) caravans and trailers (including permanent fixtures and fittings) that are made to be towed by a towing motor vehicle that you or a company owned by you, own or hire or lease under a financing or hire purchase agreement. against theft, or damage by something sudden and unforeseen.

We  cover If within 1 year of you buying your motor vehicle new, it is stolen and not recovered, or is written off, we will either replace your motor vehicle with a new one, or pay you the current purchase price of a new motor vehicle of the same or a similar model or the value (including any additional items) that you declare on your declaration, whichever is the lesser, less the first amount payable. If your motor vehicle is older than 1 year, then we will pay you the retail value or value (including any additional items) that you declare on your declaration whichever is the lesser, less the amount payable. you for repair or replacement of your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged. You also get third-party liability, should you be found liable in a court of law.

You enjoy cover whenever you use your vehicle for social, domestic, pleasure or professional purposes

You’ll also get all of this automatic additional cover:

  • Liability to third parties’ while you are driving a motor vehicle not owned or leased by you.
  • Damage to your motor vehicle and a third-party claim against you while your motor vehicle is being used or driven by any person with your permission.
  • Damage to your vehicle and a third-party claim against you while you are towing another vehicle.
  • Removing your motor vehicle, including debris, after an accident and fire extinguishing charges.
  • Replacing locks and keys of your motor vehicle.
  • Replacing damaged or stolen children’s car seats and modifications for disabled drivers.
  • Emergency accommodation if your car is stolen or damaged in an accident and cannot be driven, more than 150km from where you live.
  • Your legal liability for injury to any third party or damage to third-party property caused by a trailer or caravan that you own left unattached to a motor vehicle.

For a minimal extra monthly premium you can take extra cover to protect you against hire purchase shortfall if your vehicle is stolen or written off. We will also pay for car hire after theft or an accident, should you choose this.

Should you select the Infiniti car hire option you will not be liable for any of the following costs:

  • NO excess in the event of a claim
  • NO contract fee
  • NO fuel costs
  • NO toll costs
  • FREE delivery and collection within a 25km radius of a car rental branch

Please note: you cannot take out a Personal Motor policy unless you have first taken our Personal Contents cover.

All cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions as stated in the Policy Wording, which you can read here.

You can read the General Section and General provisions here

Please always refer to your policy wording as the final and definitive document that specifies the details of your cover, including what is not covered.


Our range of products will meet all your personal insurance requirements. You can also combine the products to get more inclusive cover for every aspect of your life.

Applying for cover is a streamlined, efficient process with the Infiniti Online system.


We have designed insurance products to cover all aspects of your business operations and risk.

No matter the size of your business, you’ll be able to get the specific insurance cover you need to protect you against loss and ensure that your business continues operating even when the unexpected occurs.


Our motor insurance packages are designed to keep you on the road as simply and efficiently as possible. We offer insurance on all vehicles, covering personal and business use.

From accident insurance to third-party cover – it’s all easily available to you, right here, online.

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